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Gamers' Agreement

Running a small LAN party requires a lot of give and take by both the organisers and the participants. So to help the situation along we have devised a "gamers' agreement" which we hope will help things to run smoothly. It sets out what we will do as organisers to make the event work, and what we need from you to help it to happen. Based on the feedback from the previous events we have drawn up the following, hopefully it will address some of the issues raised and demonstrate that we learn from our mistakes and from your feedback.

Before the event ?
We will ask through a voting system what games you want to play, we will refine that choice to a small number which we will concentrate of for the time that the LAN party is running. Help us by voting for your games, by accepting that not all the games you chose will be played, and please participate in the chosen selection as much as possible.

We will publish a timetable showing when the games will be played

During the event ?
We will run 'big games' of the selected games, we will endeavour to run them to the advertised timetable, and we will announce them in good time. Help us by joining in when the games are announced.

To encourage an atmosphere of competition each participant may choose to sit with either the red, blue, yellow, or green teams and we will play for the honour of our teams. Help us by supporting the team you have chosen, and accept that you may not necessarily be playing with your friends. Please join the correct side in the servers and play for the whole team. These are for the big fun games, as well as for any team tournament.

We will endeavour to provide you with the fastest network at our disposal. Help us by not clogging it up during the heavy gaming times, during big games and tournaments; there will be plenty of free-for-all time where network performance is not as much of an issue.

We will actively encourage and advertise the games

After the event ?
We want to keep improving the events. Help us by giving us positive feedback, what worked, what didn't, and most importantly what can we do to improve the situation.

By signing up to this event you are agreeing to the terms outlined above, if you feel that you cannot abide by this agreement then possibly LlamaLAN is not the event for you. This agreement exists to make the event the best it can be. If you have any feedback on this agreement please speak to us in the forums or in the IRC channel.

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