LlamaLAN 4 - Information thread - Please check regularly

Second Event held at the Scout Hut - seems to be a promising venue.
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LlamaLAN 4 - Information thread - Please check regularly

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Welcome to the LlamaLAN 4 information thread.

We hope to post all relevant information to the LlamaLAN 4 event here, please visit this thread regularly to check for updates, if there is any information you feel should be added here let us know by e-mail, forum PM, an IRC PM, a message in #llamalan, or through an IM like MSNM and we will endeavour to make the appropriate ammendments.
This information may duplicate what is said on the website but we'll try and keep everything together here in one place.


The event will run from Friday the 3rd of September 2004 with doors opening at 3 o'clock in the afternoon through until Sunday the 5th of September 2004 at 6 o'clock in the afternoon, by my calculations this will make it a 39 hour event.


The event is to be held in the hall of the 41st Medway Scout troop the address is :

The Scout Hut
Mafeking Road

Grid Ref:TQ757631

Lat: 51:20:25N (51.3403)
Lon: 0:31:21E (0.5225)

and the obligatory Multimap link http://www.multimap.com/map/browse.cgi? ... 000&icon=x
if you switch to 'aerial photo mode' you will see the building to the east of the nothern end of Mafeking road with the grey roof.


The cost of the event will be ?15 per participant if booked and paid in advance. Anyone wishing to pay on the door will pay ?20 per participant. Visitors are welcome to obseve the proceedings and socilaise during daylight hours but anyone wishing to stay overnight will be classified as a spectator. Spectators will be subject to a ?5 charge, this will entitle them to participate in the games played on the big screen such as 'ProjectorGames', Stepmania, and any fun tournaments we deem appropriate, but not to use a particpant's computer or compete in any of the other tournaments, anyone doing so will be asked to pay the difference to become an on the door particpant.

What to bring:

I know this is covered in another thread but I thought that I should bring them all together here.
  • Your computer (if it isn't your then ask the owner's permission before borrowing it)
    Power cables for the above (obvious but I've forgotten them in the past)
    Joystick or other gaming controller (if you have one or need one)
    An installed and working network card with an RJ45 type connector (I have a few available if you don't have one)
    Patch Lead (we have plenty but bring one if you want to, you never know, we might run out)
    Headphones (No speakers are permitted, the noise generated is too much to bear)
    Mains adaptor (4-way minimum) - enough for your PC, monitor, joystick & mobile charger
    Game CD's (you never know when you need to re-install)
    System CD's (in case something dreadful happens and you need to reformat/reinstall)
    Appropriate clothing to last the duration of the event: bring stuff for any weather - we never know what the building environmental controls will be set to!
    Shower gel and/or soap
    Razor (if applicable)
    Shaving foam (if applicable)
    Toothbrush and toothpaste
    Bedding: Inflatable mattress or roll mat along with a sleeping bag and a pillow. Double sized beds may be deflated by angry people trying to find some space to sleep!
    Munchies: an absolute must
What Games should I bring?

Although everyone will have a different mixture of their games and eveyone prefers one game over another, here is a list of what I consider 'essentials' either due to their original game play or the 'mods' which are based on them.
  • Battlefield 1942
    Unreal Tournament 2004
    Quake 3 Arena
and on the sidelines my personal favourite of the hour is
  • Joint Operations
Other free games will be available from the FTP

We will attempt to keep the FTP up to date with the latest patches and versions of the mods however I suggest that everyone review updates to their favourite programs and install them prior to arriving.

What version numbers are we on?
  • Alien vs. Predator v.
    America's Army v2.1.0
    Battlefield 1918 v1.45
    Battlefield 1942 v1.6.19
    Battlefield Desert Combat v0.7
    Battlefield Galactic Conquest v0.3
    Battlefield Pirates v0.31
    Battlefield Vietnam v1.1.14
    Black and White v1.3
    Call Of Duty v1.4
    Counter-Strike (non-steam) v1.5
    Counter-Strike (steam) v1.6 (must be in offline mode prior to arriving at LAN)
    Farcry v1.2
    Halo v1.04
    Jedi Knight 2 v1.04
    Joint Operations v.070304
    Medal Of Hounour Allied Assault v1.11
    Medal Of Hounour Allied Assault Breakthrough v2.40b
    Quake 3 Arena v1.32
    Quake 3 Rocket Arena v1.76
    Ravenshield v1.56

    (to be continued)

I feel that setting a few guidelines should help prevent missunderstandings as to what is acceptable behaviour at a LlamaLAN event, some of these rules originate from the venue we use others are purely and simply common sense and courtesy. So here they are ...
  • No smoking in the venue, there is a covered porch at the front door with an ashtray
    No Warez over the LlamaLAN network infrastructure, with this in mind we ask that you disable 'File and Printer sharing' for the duration of the event, in the future we hope to gain support and sponsorship from game publishers and so it is appropriate that we discourage the distribution of illegal material.
    Please show consideration for the age and sensibilities of others when viewing material on your PC.
    Show consideration for others who may be trying to sleep, the sleeping area is for sleeping so please keep noise to a minimum in that area.
    Damage to the venue, the venue's property, or the personal property of other attendees is not acceptable and will not be tolerated, we feel it appropriate and sensible that any damage will be paid for by the person who caused it.
    For those of an appropriate age the consumption of alcohol is permitted, please do so with due consideration for those around you, accidents happen whilst under the influence of alcohol and so be extra careful, the rules about breakages still apply if you're drunk.
    Most importantly have fun, the rules are there to protect you and your property and prevent unnecessary accidents
Food and Supplies

(to be done)