LlamaLAN 31 - AvengeLlamas Assemble!

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LlamaLAN 31 - AvengeLlamas Assemble!

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Calling all enhanced Llamas

Time to show off your special abilities in a safe and fun environment, surrounded by other potential superheroes!

We are pleased to announce the next event in the LlamaLAN series …

LlamaLAN 31 - AvengeLlamas Assemble!

… please check with your J.A.R.V.I.S, or personal planner of preference, check out the dates of Friday the 12th April 2019 to Sunday the 14th April 2019, and put a reminder in there. More importantly, the tickets will go on sale during this week’s LlamaWAN event and so you can join us in Discord and join the LlamaLAN Hype from 8pm on Wednesday the 6th February 2019.

Come and join your team captains, be it Thor Llamason on Yellow, the Llamarific Hulk on Green, Captain AmeriLlama on Blue, or Iron Llama on Red.

As with all previous events the Agents of L.L.A.M.A* management team will require you to book and pay for your seats in the recently relocated Stark Tower in Walderslade to guarantee this event goes ahead. To ensure that all basic costs are covered we will have 24 tickets on sale at £20 each, once those have sold and the event is confirmed, all other tickets will be sold at the regular price of £30 until we have sold out the 40 seats available.

When looking for themes we always look for something which is core to geek culture and the recent loss of Stan Lee made us realise how pervasive the Marvel characters are throughout our culture, and so we dedicate this event to Stan and all the characters that he brought into our world.


‘der Management
* Llama LAN Awesome Multiplayer Agency
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