LlamaLAN 29 - LlamaWEAR on sale ... and more

Friday 27th - Sunday 29th April 2018
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LlamaLAN 29 - LlamaWEAR on sale ... and more

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Llamas of the Wild West

We are formally announcing that LlamaLAN 29 is full to capacity. The four gangs have been recruited. From this point going forward, if you want to join in the plundering, you will need to closely monitor the website to look for the yellow-bellies who may drop out. Anyone wishing to cancel may do so by giving up their seat and cancelling through the event web page. This will free up the seat and allow the ticket to be purchased by another llama. If you wish a refund instead of leaving the ticket in your account for the next event, please contact Mr Tim ‘Kanonfodda’ Hull who will facilitate this, else you can simply let it ride and use it against the next event.

Scout Hall Fundraising

We have enjoyed a wonderful symbiotic relationship with the 41st Medway Scouts and their wonderful building and we have used their facilities to the max each time that we have used the hall. We have often fed back on aspects that we would like improving and it looks like one of these requests is now coming to fruition …


The Scouts are planning to fit showers in the hall and are currently fundraising to achieve that.
As regular users and frequent requesters of the facility, we would like to help them towards that goal. Keep an eye out for fundraising efforts during the run-up and during the event, be it a simple donation, a bake sale, or a purchase of some LlamaLAN memorabilia.

LlamaWEAR 29

In the fine tradition of previous events, where would we be without the obligatory commemorative t-shirt for this event? Based on concepts contributed by the admin team and polished to perfection by Rob ‘Bobtastimo’ Bowles we have yet another superb design for you.

We are using a different provider this time which has given us the opportunity to obtain the t-shirts at a stunningly good price, and so we hope that everyone at the LAN will find the price so attractive that the official photograph on the Sunday will be awash with this classic design. We don’t have the option for personalised names or gamertags this time, but I’m sure you’ll agree when you visit the shop to take a look that the finished result is still going to look incredible.

Prices will be a mere £6 per item … yes, you read that right … SIX POUNDS … buy one per day and you can pack light on the way to LAN! We are also offering the exact same item for £10 … why you may ask … well, the extra £4 will be added to the fundraising efforts for the Scout Hall SHOWERS!

Pop over to the LlamaLAN Store at https://goo.gl/wbfkXV to see the finished product and place your order. The unisex t-shirts come in many sizes, from small to triple extra large and the link and you have the option of opting out of the voluntary charitable contribution towards the shower fund by selecting the ‘No’ option under ‘Shower Contribution’ and you will see the price adjust accordingly.

Orders will CLOSE on Sunday the 8th April to allow for the orders to be collated, produced, and delivered in time for the LAN


‘der Management
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