LlamaLAN 28 - Tournaments Announced

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LlamaLAN 28 - Tournaments Announced

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Reviewing the voting in the polls so far and applying the combined knowledge of the assembled admin team we are happy to provisionally announce the two games that will feature as official tournaments for LlamaLAN 28.

The first will be a 1v1 with a twist insomuch it will be a double elimination double PvE using Resident Evil 5 Mercenaries Mode. In keeping with previous events this will be open to four members of each big team and will not need ownership of the game.

The second will be another PvE using four players from each team using Left 4 Dead 2 in survival mode. Each team will try and buy the remaining survivors at the event time to escape the zombie hordes threatening to overrun the Walderslade safe zone.

Additional discussions, testing, and evaluations in the upcoming weeks will determine the Big Games and we again invite submissions for Community Led Tournaments, please contact any of your team leaders or other event admins.

Please keep voting in the Poll as you join the event so that it gives us the very best information about potential for maximum Big Game participation.

Keep spreading the word, get the most survivors to the safe zone, let's fill the escape chopper to the brim … no llama left behind!

'der Management
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