LlamaLAN 4 - 12th August Mailer

Second Event held at the Scout Hut - seems to be a promising venue.
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LlamaLAN 4 - 12th August Mailer

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Hello once again and welcome to yet another LlamaLAN 4 Update.

Things are progressing and we have 26 people out of the maximum 32 participants signed up, I realise that some people may be experiencing problems signing up and so please check the site to make sure your sign up is there, if you aren?t listed on the signups page then please try again, if you still can?t then please contact either myself through the forums or by sending an e-mail to cyberdrac@llamalan.co.uk , or Kanonfodda through the forums or by e-mailing kanonfodda@llamalan.co.uk and we will endeavour to assist you in your sign up.

Remember, simply signing up to the website is not enough, you need to sign in using the identity you have created hover over the ?Events? category at the top of the page, select ?LlamaLAN 4? from the drop down list and then click on ?Click here to signup? link at the top of the page, you should see a screen saying ?Event Signup for LlamaLAN 4 - May the 4th be with you; Thank you <User Name>; Your signup has been accepted; Data entered....? you should then appear on the signups page. You can then click on the ?Pay? link next to your name which will allow you to pay your ?15 by PayPal or get details of where to send your cheque.

The only sure way to guarantee your place is to PAY, signing up registers your interest but if you have no alternative than to pay on the door you must tell either Kanonfodda or myself and we will reserve your seat, if you don?t sign up at all then we cannot promise anything at all. The sign up pages will continue to take sign ups until there are 32 PAID participants so if you aren?t paid then you could potentially miss out even if you have been signed up since the beginning.

On a lighter note we can all look forward to a great LAN with some serious fragging.

See you all there