LlamaLAN 30 - Llama the 30th

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LlamaLAN 30 - Llama the 30th

Post by CyberDrac »

What better date to open up signups for the next LlamaLAN experience than Friday the Thirteenth … I do hope no one is superstitious or of a nervous disposition …

Llamas of the class of 2018… wear sunscreen…

LlamaLAN is graduating, and would like to invite you to a bodacious party at the LlamaLAN beach house to celebrate THIRTY events over the last EIGHTEEN years, don’t worry about the rumours about the psychopath who appears every year around prom time, I’m sure it is just folklore and nothing to worry about.

We’ll be having an off-the-wall, three-day party starting on Friday the 9th November until Sunday the 11th November… and remember all the cool kids will be there… just don’t go off on your own!

Please RSVP to this invitation ASAP so we can plan how many red cups and kegs we need to arrange, we think that if everyone throws some money in the pot we can throw the wildest party ever… and hopefully we’ll all still be alive at the end of it.

Reserve your place at https://www.llamalan.co.uk/events , we’ll even discount the first few tickets as a sweetener. So if you’re among the first twenty four revellers you get to party for a mere £20 and know that you have helped secure the event, but if you leave it a little later you can secure your party favours for £30.

While we’re there we might play a few games to pass the time, so as the event draws closer I’m sure we’ll be asking around to see what people might want to play.

… so set your alarm clocks for 9 o’clock at night on Friday the 13th of July, hop in my Chrysler, ‘cos it's as big as a whale, and it's about to set sail. I got me a hall, it seats about forty, so come on and bring your jukebox money.

‘der Management

P.S. Someone may also be having a little birthday celebration of their own that weekend.
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