LlamaLAN 28 - More survivors needed!

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LlamaLAN 28 - More survivors needed!

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My fellow Llama survivors, with a little over three weeks to go before the cutoff date we are hoping that we hit sufficient attendees to warrant the rescue chopper coming to get us.

We've always achieved it albeit on a few occasions by the skin of our teeth, but we don't want this to be the first ever LlamaLAN to be cancelled.

For anyone unfamiliar with the mechanism we always set a target date before which we need to have hit a pre-determined number of paid attendees in order to cover the basic costs of the event, predominantly the hire of the hall. The figure for this event is TWENTY-FOUR signed up and paid up attendees. We are currently falling short of that figure by EIGHT participants. If we hit the cut-off date of 1st August without the requisite number we will not be able to confirm the event.

Those early adopters receive a preferential price to recognise their commitment to the event, and we will be experimenting with a further feature where those fully committed Llamas can choose from ANY of the seats at the LAN, we will be temporarily lifting the mechanism to force the team balance so that anyone wishing to bring a large cohort of survivors can pick a single large block of seats ensuring that they can sit together.

Hopefully, the teams will automatically balance through the mechanism known as SELLING OUT, however as the get closer to the event team leaders may approach members of the community and attempt to bribe them to join their band of survivors to achieve balance. Other options such as a defrag to keep relative positions but remove spaces may be considered closer to the event.

So, in summary ...

THREE WEEKS until cut-off
CHEAP TICKETS for those eight places
SIT ANYWHERE you want, especially if you bring a large group

We have got ourselves a new enthusiastic team, we have our t-shirt design ready to rock, we’ve got the principal tournaments announced earlier than ever before, and we are looking at a great event, but we can’t do it without our wonderful community.

If you have already signed up and paid your work isn’t done, we need everyone to be talking about LlamaLAN at every opportunity, and if you haven’t paid, hopefully there are no barriers to you doing so.

'der Management
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