LlamaLAN 28 - The Survivors need reinforcements

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LlamaLAN 28 - The Survivors need reinforcements

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LlamaLAN 28 - The Survivors need reinforcements

Status update … the Llamacadia continues to broadcast, but it has reacted to our radio calls … they promise a pickup if we can make it worth the fuel to send a helicopter, they won't send one if there are less than 24 survivors, although they can accommodate 40, we currently are only halfway to the minimum.

Recruit your friends, if they want a shot at getting off this zombie infested rock alive then we need another 12 survivors! Spread the word, friends, family, work colleagues, random people you meet in bars!

For those who are already signed up or are doing so imminently, you have an incredible responsibility and honour in heavily influencing the choice of games. There is a poll on the event page for LlamaLAN 28 at https://goo.gl/f7pPP5 … there are already some great suggestions and a flurry of activity, have your say, recruit survivors to your cause, look for opportunities for big games, tournaments and community led events.

To take advantage of the offers that crop up around this time of year we will evaluate the games list in time for the start of the Steam Summer Sale so that bargains can be grabbed at the lowest prices. While there is no confirmed date, we are anticipating it between sometime between June 22nd and July 5th and so there is only a few days to really get your preferences known and rally others to your cause.

We continue to be interested in your take on the last event and we’re hoping that you’ll pop over to the LlamaLAN 27 - Good, Bad and Ugly thread at https://goo.gl/tsm9pu to provide your feedback.

You will also be pleased to know that we’re back running on HTTPS again, if you are experiencing any difficulties, don’t forget to clear your cookies for the site; there is a convenient option labelled ‘delete all board cookies’ on the forum pages which should help (ucp.php?mode=delete_cookies).

So get recruiting, and get game nominating.

‘der Management
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