LlamaLAN 23 - le Bro est mort, vive le Bro!

17th-19th April 2015
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LlamaLAN 23 - le Bro est mort, vive le Bro!

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LlamaLAN 23 was brodaciously brosome beyond all brolief, and the LlamaLAN Admin Team would like to extend their thanks to everyone who attend and participated in the event. There was an unparalleled amount of fast button mashing, excessive fragging and walking away from explosions and the stars of this were the participants.

Particular thanks go to everyone who help during the pack down, you made our lives immeasurably easier, and in particular everyone who embraced the community spirit and kept the kitchen clean and tidy, and took their rubbish away with them leaving us with only a pair of unattributed bin bags. This resulted with one of the fastest pack downs that the team can remember.

We look forward to hearing your feedback, so please keep an eye out for the Feedback Thread in the LlamaLAN 23 sub-forum shortly.

With the ashes of LlamaLAN 23 barely cold it is with the greatest pleasure that we will open up ticket sales for LlamaLAN 24 ... TONIGHT at 11PM!

LlamaLAN 24 will run from Friday the 30th October until Sunday the 1st of November at the cost of £30 per ticket with a reduction available for the first 22 tickets which will be available at £20 each.

In summary, thank you, and see you at LlamaLAN 24!

'der Management
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