LlamaLAN 23 - Explosions! KustomPCs and more Explosions

17th-19th April 2015
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LlamaLAN 23 - Explosions! KustomPCs and more Explosions

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As we hurtle towards the explosive cliffhanger that is LlamaLAN 23 we have to make a quick equipment check, and if anyone suddenly finds themselves with a vital piece of LAN gear missing then we have the answer ... Graeme 'the Kustomizer' ...

"Greetings Llamas!

Just a quick heads up to let you know that the delivery option is set up for next LlamaLAN, plus there's a discount code too to get some more money off any goodies you want shipped to the event. Sorry for the short notice, but you have 1 week - order by Thursday 16th 2pm to get the order delivered ready for the start of the event.

See the image below for details.

ALSO - keyboard related things. Use the discount code DUCKYLAN (does not work in conjunction with the 5% offer below) to get reduced pricing on Ducky keyboards -

Ducky Mini £13 off - now £87
Ducky Legend £16.90 off - now £113.10
Ducky Year of the Horse £21.80 off - now £139.20

Plus, we already have a great offer on Shine 4 series keyboards - with £20 off the usual pricing, and a Ducky plastic mouse mat included, which normally sells for £20.

See the full Ducky range here - http://www.kustompcs.co.uk/acatalog/Duc ... board.html

There should be a keyboard challenge / competition set up at LAN too - more info to follow."

On the tournament front we would also like to congratulate Bobtastimo who put forward a compelling case for the Community Led Tournament, a well thought out plan with one salient feature that sold it for us ... Explosions! ... lots of Explosions! ... lots of running away from, and towards Explosions! ... by the way, did I mention the Explosions? BroForce is coming to the event in a big way, a big, Explosive way!

So ... the summary ... KustomPCs are being their usual awesome selves with a deadline of Thursday at 2PM ... and BroForce will be exploding into the Community Led Tournament!

If you know of anyone in desperate need of LANnage please bring them along, there are still a few spaces free (particularly on the red team *hint* *hint*) so bring a mate, or any enemy and stick them on an opposing team and frag their ass for the entire weekend!

At this rate I'll be using more! exclamation! marks! than! Yahoo!

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