LlamaLAN 28 - Countdown to Z day

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LlamaLAN 28 - Countdown to Z day

Postby CyberDrac » Sat Jun 03, 2017 9:01 pm

“This is ‘der Management, broadcasting on the emergency frequency. There is no infection. We offer safety and security. Food and shelter”

After 27 attendees at LlamaLAN 27, let’s hope that LlamaLAN 28 attracts more than 28 survivors.

Holed up in a Scout Hall in remote Walderslade the last survivors in the UK face an onslaught of the undead, help is coming … we think … a mysterious radio call repeating from a ship called the “Llamacadia” offering rescue, but there’s only a three day window of opportunity …

… Friday the 27th until Sunday the 29th October 2017 …

… what better way to spend a Halloween weekend than avoiding facing wave upon wave of terrifying creatures baying for what you hold most dear … trick-or-treaters after your sweets.

Signups for LlamaLAN 28 - Resident Llama, aka “28 Llamas Later” open at midday on Sunday the 4th of June with the traditional reward for those committing themselves to the cause early with discounted tickets (£20 plus PayPal fees) until we reach the minimum number for the event … 24 seats, at which point tickets will return to their normal prices (£30 plus PayPal fees).

So, be there, or be zombie food!

‘der Management are your only hope … obedience breeds discipline, discipline breeds unity, unity breeds power, power is life.
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Re: LlamaLAN 28 - Countdown to Z day

Postby Byta » Mon Jun 05, 2017 2:09 pm

Ok that's me paid now where should I go hmmmm
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