LlamaLAN 24 - Go! Go! CS:GO!

Friday 30th October 2015 until Sunday 1st November 2015

LlamaLAN 24 - Go! Go! CS:GO!

Postby CyberDrac » Tue Jun 16, 2015 9:43 pm


The votes were counted, and it became obvious that there were two contenders which were largely neck and neck, and under the circumstances we decided to look carefully at our options. As both, at the time of the closing of the vote, were almost identical in their support the teams we started looking at elements like cost and suitability. Given that it's regular cost is less, it has a specific competition mode, it is a big focus by Valve for polishing for eSports, and it's currently even cheaper during the Steam Summer Sale until the 22nd of July, we are going to run COUNTER STRIKE : GLOBAL OFFENSIVE as the first of our BIG TEAM GAMES.

So the other two options are now being formally laid to rest and removed from the site and we move on to our options for the next BIG TEAM GAME, our 1v1, and we are also open to suggestions for the COMMUNITY LED TOURNAMENT.

The LlamaADMINS' focus is now on the 1v1 tournament which, we are hoping will build on the success of the on stage projector action at the last event. With part, if not all of the event being run on stage with the crowds egging everyone on!

So, continue to spread the word, and gather your teams for the event we'd love to see the event maxed out.

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