LlamaLAN 24 - *bzzt!* Communication Failure *bzzt!*

Friday 30th October 2015 until Sunday 1st November 2015

LlamaLAN 24 - *bzzt!* Communication Failure *bzzt!*

Postby CyberDrac » Sun May 31, 2015 9:18 pm

Llama Operatives,

It would appear that our important communiques are being delivered in a very selective way and some comrades are missing out on vital information. The broadcast medium known by the codename FACEBOOK selects which messages are being seen and our less regular visitors are missing out. The last three updates have been seen by less than twenty of the over one hundred and seventy members of the community Facebook group.

We could resort to e-Mailing every message and update relating to the event, and we'd love to see your feedback on the corresponding Facebook post as to whether you would like to see this; alternatively we ask that you adjust your settings for the LlamaLAN Facebook group to see 'All Posts'. To achieve this, you can see (in the browser version of Facebook) a list of your groups in the left hand column, as you hover over the LlamaLAN group the image of a cog will appear, if you click on it you can 'Edit Settings' and you have the choice to 'Notify me about ...' from which you can choose 'ALL POSTS' instead of the edited highlights. There is also the option for you to make us a 'Favourite' which should also influence how much you see from the group.

We know that Facebook is a flawed medium for reliable communication, however it is very accessible and a wonderful tool. We would appreciate feedback about, how many of our recent posts you have seen, how many have passed you by and whether you would like a corresponding e-Mail to support the Facebook posts?

A quick precis of our last three posts follows ...

Thanks to everyone to has signed up and voted for the Counter Strike variant of their choice.
Only half of those paid up have voted and we would like more to contribute before midnight tonight.
Vote for each game you own by putting it in your games list in order of preference in the top three slots.

In light of the communication difficulties, and in order to give everyone who may have missed out on the updates, we'll give all the Llamas attending LlamaLAN 24 another 24 hours to get involved in the decision making process.

Thanks again, we hope top continue this dialogue on Facebook and/or the forums.

'der Management
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