Where Can I Find Tournament Details?

Along the main navigation bar above you should see Tournaments. Click this link.

You will see a list of all tournaments run during LlamaLAN's events, including what's coming up, if any.

Locate the tournament you're interested in and click its name.

You'll see a panel of tabs all related to the specific tournament you selected.

Details: The basic info about this tournament such as its name, the associated LAN event, start and end times, and the size of team required to join it.Matches: A list of all matches, ordered by round. This screen will show you the points for each team/player in each match.Players: A summary of all participants with their totals, including how many matches they played, their wins, losses and draws and their total score.Tree: Particularly useful for elimination-style tournaments. The tree gives you a graphical layout of matches and how players were or are being seeded during the tournament's progress. This is an especially useful tab to watch while a tournament is taking place.Rules: As it says on the tin, all rules related to this tournament. You behave, now!

For assistance joining a tournament, check out the tutorial "How Do I Enter Tournaments?"