How Do I Enter or Confirm my Match Results?

Tournament progress is dependant on our participants entering and confirming their own scores. "All well and good," you say, "but how the heck do I do that?" Read on and become enlightened, my son...

Submitting scores for clan games and 1v1 tournaments are very similar.

Accessing Matches...

... For Clan Tournaments

To get your scores logged for a clan match, open up the clan's management console.

Find your summary panel at the top left of the LlamaLAN website.Click the Clans link.
Click the name of the clan which played the match - e.g. Frag Test Dummies.

The first tab you see should be Details, but you're after the Matches panel. Click the Matches tab.

... For 1v1 Tournaments
Find your summary panel at the top left of the LlamaLAN website.Click the Profile link.
Click on the Matches tab.

Entering or Confirming Scores
Locate the tournament and match requiring your score entry or confirmation. The Status column will tell you if the tournament is awaiting your score, or if it's already been entered and you just need to confirm it.

When Status is 'Awaiting Score'
If your opponent has not entered the score either, you will see Awaiting Score.
Click the Awaiting Score link.

Enter your scores (honestly! ).Click Save Scores.
This will change the status from Awaiting Score to Unconfirmed. Your opponent must now confirm the scores you've entered.

When Status is 'Confirm'If your opponent has already entered the score, you will see Confirm.
Click the Confirm link.

Check the score, just in case!Assuming the scores have been entered accurately, click Confirm.
This commits the score and moves both opponents into the next stage of the tournament. Check the tournament tree to see who's up next!