How Do I Create My Own Clan?

Your clan can include atten­dees from anywhere in the LAN, regard­less of where they sit. With a clan, you and your clan­mates can join Clan Tourn­aments. Clans can be created and mod­ified be­fore and dur­ing an event; thus you can arrange your clan in advance ready and wait­ing for when clan tourn­aments signups begin! Clan members don't have to be just your buddies - why not just gather a number of players eager to play a particular game in an upcoming tournament?

Right, so, to the ques­tion of act­ually creat­ing your own clan.

Clan Management is accessed through your Profile under the Clans tab.

  1. Find your summ­ary pan­el at the top left of the Llama­LAN web­site.
  2. Click the Clans link.

Various Clan-related options are avail­able - for now, we are focus­sing on the sec­tion Add a new clan.
  1. Enter the name of your clan (e.g. Frag The Llama) into the Name field.
  2. Enter the clan's tag (e.g. FTL) into the Tag field.
  3. If you want, give us a brief descrip­tion of your clan in the Descrip­tion field.
  4. Password field and Open checkbox: If you want to allow per­mitted mem­bers only to join your clan, you must en­ter a pass­word in the Pass­word field and leave the check­box blank. If you are allow­ing any­one to join your clan with­out the need for a pass­word, enter no pass­word and check the Open check­box.

This is a private clan - members
cannot join without a password...
... while this is what an open
clan looks like.

  1. Click the Save All button.

If all goes well, you will have just creat­ed a clan. Members of the site can join your clan and you can start manag­ing it. :)